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The food saver food sealer foodsaver.Pump and Seal food saver vacuum sealer is the world's fastest, most powerful, and most versatile vacuum food sealing device. It's simply the BEST food saver vacuum sealer and marinating system in the world. Better than Tilia FoodSaver (see Product Comparison Table). Pump and Seal vacuum food saver is the only vacuum packing food system that uses ordinary zipper-locking bags (not special FoodSaver bags) and ordinary glass jars as food storage containers. The Pump N Seal food saver vacuum sealer works by permanently vacuum packing food in a commercial strength vacuum, using the same jar and lid hundreds of times.

The Pump-N-Seal permanently seals many food storage containers including ordinary jars, Ball Mason jars, wine bottles and coffee cups. It is also a vacuum bag sealer. This vacuum food sealer and marinating kitchen appliance preserves freshness of coffee, cookies, fruit, meat, etc. Great for marinating steak! Pump N Seal vacuum food saver prevents rancidity of expensive nuts and cooking oils, prevents distasteful freezer burn, prevents color and nutrient loss, prevents souring of fine wines and prolongs the quality and taste of refrigerated foods. The Pump-N-Seal accessory, called the Bowl-Seal, is a set of two lids that can be used to vacuum seal your own pots, pans, and bowls (up to 8 and 11 inch diameters respectively) or for marinating steak and other foods in just seconds or minutes, not hours or days. This amazing kitchen appliance seals most food storage containers including Tilia vacuum sealer food storage containers. The Pump-N-Seal is a pump-style vacuum food saver, not a fan-style vacuum food saver which simply does not compare. A pump-n-seal vacuum food sealer is the the best way to do professional vacuum sealing.

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Pioneering Concepts, Inc. invented the Pump-N-Seal and owns 4 vacuum food sealer Patents on the PumpNSeal and has been in the business since 1988, concentrating exclusively on the BEST vacuum food saver vacuum sealer for vacuum packing food in food storage containers. Vacuum packing food is Pioneering Concepts' only business. We have the BEST vacuum food sealer in the world! The Pump-N-Seal is better than the Tilia vacuum packer and Tilia vacuum sealer. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Sail Magazine: After 10 years, it still gets two thumbs up!

Chicago Tribune: "Vacuum-packing foods locks in goodness" Robin Mather Jenkins, Tribune staff reporter; Chicago Tribune; Oct 4, 2006... We've used a Tilia FoodSaver for nearly a decade, used a Rival Seal-a-Meal in the Tribune test kitchen, and tested a Pump-N-Seal for this story. We fell in love with the less-expensive Pump-N-Seal! Read entire article

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "I have found that vacuum-packing spices extends the shelf life and prevents their pungent odors from permeating other foods" says Elaine D'sa, A Research Coordinator with the National Center for Home Food Preservation at the University of Georgia in Athens; Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Express Lane; Posted Nov 8, 2006... "You can portion-pack your foods," D'sa said. "Cook once, [portion them out], vacuum-seal them, then microwave them later in the week. If you do it in a bag, you can microwave or boil in the bag." Read entire article

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