Food saver vacuum sealer.
Food Saver Vacuum Sealer!

The PumpNSeal Food Saver vacuum sealer is a vacuum sealer that exceed the ability of FoodSaver, FreshSaver and all other food sealers (see product food savers comparison table)! The PumpNseal food saver is the only home vacuum sealer system that allows you to recycle ordinary glass jars, by permanently resealing them in a powerful commercial strength vacuum (more than 27 inches of vacuum) over and over again. Why invest a allot of money on other food saver products while you can purchase this food saver for a fraction of the cost.This food saver vacuum sealer is inexpensive and easy to use, but for those individuals that feel that they need more than just a manual, we also offer a 30 minute video that show you step by step the different ways to use the Pump-N-seal food saver vacuum sealer system. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a FoodSaver or FreshSaver when you can purchase a PumpNseal food saver vacuum sealer for a fraction of the cost and get superior performance!


Food saver comparison table

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